Concrete Repairs

there are two sides to concrete repairsBasically, there are two sides to concrete repairs:

  •       One: Most people think that they themselves can repair their concrete cracks with the help of YouTube videos or tutorials. 90% of this cohort ends up losing money getting low-quality materials or unsolved repair works that lead to further cracks.
  •       Two: The scattered concrete service contractors somehow convince the property owners that these repairs are undoable and levy them with new concrete construction charges.

If you want to escape both these situations, you have no other choice than choosing us, the professional and ethical concrete service contractors in Mobile, Alabama.

How do we handle repairs?

At Mobile Concrete Contractors, we follow a step by step approach to address any concrete repair. The steps we follow are:

Step 1: Conduct property inspection

Step 2: Identify and analyze the cause of concrete damage

Step 3: Evaluate the extent of the damage caused

Step 4: Check if repairing is worthy to invest

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Step 5: If yes, suggest the best method specific to the damage

Step 6: Procure quality repairing materials

Step 7: Get set the existing concrete for repairing

Step 8: Perform the repair & solve the damage

Our expert concrete masons are proficient at several methods of concrete crack repairs, namely grouting, epoxy injection, thin/thick repair, stitching, resin injection, drilling, coating, routing & sealing, topping,  plugging, and gravity filling. With these specializations, we’re able to repair the concrete floor cracks, damaged concrete driveways & concrete patios, and broken concrete retainer walls.

Do not get fooled by false suggestions or cheating concrete contractors. Choose us to save your time, money, and effort!